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Yaara Silly Silly (2015) DM - Paoli Dam, Parambrata Chatterjee, Vidya Malvade, Parth Suri


Rating: 2.0/5 (54 votes cast)


A foul-mouthed whore and a gentle-voiced young fellow are thrown together for a night, and the time they spend together impacts both strongly: the premise has promise, but nothing in the film delivers on it. Not Parambrata Chatterjee, playing a naïve virgin who accompanies a couple of male friends for a ‘deflowering’, and who hangs about the place cluelessly. This is a competent actor, left stranded by a non-existent script and terrible lines. Not Paoli Dam, who roams around most of the film in fish-net tights and tighter bustiers, using the kind of language that makes you want to wash her mouth out with soap. Paoli does sensual well, but what she’s made to do here in the name of authenticity is cringe-worthy. And most definitely not the film, which is exploitative in the extreme. It wants to tell us that ‘women of easy virtue’ too are capable of being ‘poori aurats’, said state to be attained only when they are draped in a sari, and accompanied by ‘decent’ men. In the process, the camera lingers heavily on bare cleavages, and crossed legs and leering male faces, and dialogue which would make a sailor blush

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