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Love Exchange (2015) DM - Mohit Madan, Jyoti Sharma, Manoj Pahwa, Darshan Jariwala, Shama Deshpande


Rating: 1.7/5 (49 votes cast)


STORY: Marathi mulga falls in love with Punjabi kudi and the couple is gung ho about adapting to each other's culture. However, their parents won't let this happen as they don't approve of 'love marriages'. MOVIE REVIEW: Fearing their children would elope, they accept their relationship on one condition. The lovers must exchange their homes for three months after engagement to get used to the other's lifestyle and traditions. They agree and work towards succeeding in the task but parents play spoilsports. Do the elders learn their lesson? While the actors try their best to infuse life into this lacklustre comedy, the story itself seems pointless. It's never explained why the parents have strong reservations against love marriages to begin with. Also, the real story only begins in the second half. An hour is wasted to establish the love story, which is unconvincing to the core. A Punjabi mother speaking bad English (calling organism 'orgasm' or saying 'Where there's a will, there's a gay') is probably the only supposedly funny thing in this 'romcom'. The remaining characters are as stereotypical. Maharastrians are educated but not wealthy, Punjabis - vice versa, Gujjus are silly, Christians are owners of cafes meant for heartbroken men who drink their sorrows away. The list is endless. With a relevant message but no concrete conflict, this ghar exchange program fails to hold your interest.

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